The Parish Council are receiving increased complaints regarding parking problems on the estate roads with regular hot-spots being on Cambrian Rd/ Gadwell Rd / Graylag Crescent / Widgeon Lane / Gainsborough Rd / Henry Crescent / Crown Rd / Beauchamp Rd and Starling Rd especially during most evenings and at weekends.

The main reasons for the problems are:

  • Residents not using their allocated driveway / courtyard parking spaces and simply parking on the roadside including parking on the footpaths.

  • Residents vehicles being inconsiderately parked on the corners or directly opposite road junctions thus creating visibility problems for motorists - this is irresponsible and potentially dangerous.

  • Inconsiderate parking of vehicles on both sides of the road creating minimal passing space.

Residents should be aware that all the estate roads should allow for access of emergency vehicles at all times and currently this poses a major problem should they be called out.

The Parish Council therefore appeals to all residents to cooperate in this matter for the benefit of all concerned. If these parking problems persist it may be necessary to impose a Traffic Regulation Order which would result in certain road sections having double yellow lines installed to prevent parking on the roadside - hopefully with residents cooperation it won't come to that.

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