Wheatpieces Parish Council currently consists of 7 Parish Councillors who carry out the role voluntarily & who work together to serve the local community on the Wheatpieces Estate.  They consider local issues which are brought to the attention of the Parish Council & they make decisions, as a corporate body, on behalf of the local community.  Up to a maximum of eleven councillors can be Members of Wheatpieces Parish Council so currently there are four vacancies.
Wheatpieces Parish Council meet once a month (with the exception of August) usually on the first Thursday of each month at the Wheatpieces Community Centre, however, due to the current situation Parish Council meetings are being kept to a minimum as and when required.  There are also two committees, a Community Centre Committee which meets every third Thursday of each month and an Environment Committee which meets when required and again this would be scheduled for the third Thursday of the month.  At present the Community Centre and Environment Committee issues are being incorporated into the main meeting.