Open Spaces

The Wheatpieces parish has plenty of pleasant walkways and cycle-paths bordered by grassy areas, trees and shrubberies as well as a number of designated recreational areas.


From Snowdonia Road to Laurel cottages there are large areas of grass with seating and a play area, equipped with swings, a climbing frame and slide, suitable for toddlers and children up to seven years old.


Next to the Community Centre is a formal Garden, where anyone is welcome to go to sit and relax with a book or just to enjoy the surroundings and on the other side of the building is an  equipped toddler area.


A short walk from the John Moore primary School is a large open space with views across to Cleeve Hill and part of the Cotswold Escarpment. There is a playing field, a multi use games area and well equipped facilities for play from toddler to teenager. There is also a games court which is floodlit on dark evenings. This area has its own car park.


A pleasant twenty minute stroll northwards along Rudgeway Lane through Walton Cardiff village takes you outside of Wheatpieces Parish to a further play area with more challenging play equipment in Walton Cardiff Lane.


Litter and dog waste bins are provided throughout the Parish the use of which will help to maintain a pleasant environment for all to enjoy.

Toddler play area at rear of Community Centre - Columbine Road

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